New Molecular Diagnostic Approaches to Bacterial Infections and Antibacterial Resistance.

Ephraim L Tsalik, Robert A Bonomo, Vance G Fowler,

Annual review of medicine, November 30, -0001

Recent advances in the field of infectious disease diagnostics have given rise to a number of host- and pathogen-centered diagnostic approaches. Most diagnostic approaches in contemporary infectious disease focus on pathogen detection and characterization. Host-focused diagnostics have recently emerged and are based on detecting the activation of biological pathways that are highly specific to the type of infecting pathogen (e.g., viral, bacterial, protozoan, fungal). Although this progress is encouraging, it is unlikely that any single diagnostic platform will fully address the clinician’s need for actionable data with short turnaround times in all settings.

Pubmed Link: 29414265

DOI: 10.1146/annurev-med-052716-030320