Machine Learning Based Localization and Classification with Atomic Magnetometers.

Cameron Deans, Lewis D Griffin, Luca Marmugi, Ferruccio Renzoni,

Physical review letters, November 30, -0001

We demonstrate identification of position, material, orientation, and shape of objects imaged by a ^{85}Rb atomic magnetometer performing electromagnetic induction imaging supported by machine learning. Machine learning maximizes the information extracted from the images created by the magnetometer, demonstrating the use of hidden data. Localization 2.6 times better than the spatial resolution of the imaging system and successful classification up to 97% are obtained. This circumvents the need of solving the inverse problem and demonstrates the extension of machine learning to diffusive systems, such as low-frequency electrodynamics in media. Automated collection of task-relevant information from quantum-based electromagnetic imaging will have a relevant impact from biomedicine to security.

Pubmed Link: 29400506

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.120.033204