Cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma of the scalp in the immunocompromised patient: review of 53 cases.

Sameep Kadakia, Yadranko Ducic, Diego Marra, David Chan, Masoud Saman, Raja Sawhney, Moustafa Mourad,

Oral and maxillofacial surgery, January 18, 2016

We analyzed outcomes from immunocompromised patients with scalp squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) treated with surgical excision with and without radiation in order to explore 3-year disease-free survival and overall survival. The study design was a retrospective chart review. This study was conducted in a private practice setting. The study included 53 immunocompromised patients with an average age of 63.2 years, with scalp squamous cell carcinoma. Pre-operative imaging dictated the extent of resection. Patients with bony involvement received wide local excision including full-thickness craniectomy and cranioplasty. Patients without bony involvement underwent wide local excision and outer-table calvarial resection. All patients were recommended to have post-operative radiation. Patients were followed for a minimum of 3 years. A total of 53 patients were included in the study. Six patients had pre-operative CT showing bone involvement and were treated with full-thickness craniectomy along with post-operative radiation. Fourteen patients without bone involvement on pre-operative CT were found to have positive bone involvement on final pathology. Forty-five patients underwent post-operative radiation. Patients treated with adjuvant radiation demonstrated a 3-year survival of 80 % and the overall survival was 62 %. In the surgery-only group, the 3-year survival was 62.5 % and the overall survival was 32.5 %. Immunocompromised patients with scalp SCC have a poor prognosis. Early detection and treatment are crucial. Based on our results, we recommend wide local excision with at least outer-table calvarial resection, and post-operative radiation. Despite aggressive therapy, patients may still have distant, local, or regional recurrence. level 2b (retrospective cohort).

Pubmed Link: 26780196