Portable Medical Diagnostic Systems And Methods Using A Mobile Device

Document № Publication date Application №
9241663 January 26, 2016 13/815764

A system and method for analysis of colorimetric test strip strips and disease management. The system can include an accessory that is operably coupled to a mobile device, the mobile device acquiring and/or analyzing images of the colorimetric test strips. The light box accessory can be detachably attached to the mobile device, or made to remain attached to the mobile device, but with the capability of having the light box accessory removed from the field of view of the camera for general photography purposes. In other embodiments, an image containing known calibration color(s) and reagent area(s) is obtained sans the light box for comparison with a previous calibration image to model changes in ambient lighting conditions and determine a color correction function. The correction can be applied to the detected reagent area color(s) for matching between the detected reagent area color(s) and reference color(s) on the reference chart. Optionally, the information can be processed and displayed to provide feedback, as well as transmitted to a health provider for analysis.