Method Of Diagnosing Or Prognosing Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

Document № Publication date Application №
20160047815 February 18, 2016 14/856827

The present invention provides a binding moiety which selectively binds to Sox11 protein and/or mRNA for imaging, diagnosis or prognosis of epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC). Optionally, the moiety is an antibody or antigen binding fragment thereof. Advantageously, moiety comprises a further, readily detectable moiety. The invention also provides methods of imaging EOC cells as well as methods of diagnosing or prognosing EOC in an individual. A further aspect of the present invention provides a method of identifying cells associated with EOC, the method comprising analysing the pattern of gene expression in a sample of cells to be tested and comparing it to the pattern of gene expression in a sample of known lymphomas cells.