Diagnosis Of Viral Infections By Detection Of Genomic And Infectious Viral Dna By Molecular Combing

Document № Publication date Application №
20160047006 February 18, 2016 14/638432

A method for detecting in vitro the presence of a genome of a DNA virus or a viral derived DNA in an infected eukaryotic cell, tissue or biological fluid using Molecular Combing or other nucleic acid stretching methods together with probes, especially nucleic acid probes, having a special design. A method for monitoring in vitro the effects of anti-viral treatment by following the presence of genomic viral or viral derived DNA polynucleotides in a virus-infected cell, tissue or biological fluid. Detection of an infectious form of a virus using Molecular Combing and DNA hybridization. A kit comprising probes used to carry out these methods and a composition comprising the probes.