Advanced pathogen detection sensor technology comes to America

June 9, 2016 – MEMPHIS. Disinfection Services LLC, the North American distributor for Ireland-based NuWave Sensors, will launch the PathogenALERT RAPID Reader System (Rapid Airborne Pathogen Identification and Detection) to US infection professionals at the 2016 APIC conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“The RAPID Reader System automatically detects infectious airborne contaminants before visual growth occurs. This provides valuable time to engage in corrective action before an outbreak takes place,” stated Susan Skelton, owner of Disinfection Services. 

The RAPID Reader is an on-site microbial detection sensor that remotely monitors airborne pathogens (bacteria, yeasts and molds), radically altering the present approach to pathogen detection and control.  

The RAPID Reader draws an air sample into a nutrient-rich detection site engineered to determine the presence of specific microbial contamination.  Sensors connected to the cloud-based monitoring system send text and email alerts whenever…and wherever… contamination is detected. 

Stephen Daniels, inventor and co-founder of NuWave Sensors, states that reducing infection risks and costs are a key benefit to users.  “Implementing the RAPID Reader should have a significant impact on the effective management of airborne pathogens, resulting in lower overall costs for detection, infection risks, and remedial actions.”

Continuous, on-site monitoring significantly shortens contamination detection times from days to hours, and automates the pathogen sampling, monitoring and detection process.  Cloud-based software provides daily reports, detailing current and historical risk levels using a similar format to traditional reporting techniques. The RAPID Reader eliminates the high expense and risk caused by current sampling methods that require long delays and external laboratory analysis. 

“The PathogenALERT RAPID Reader system is a great stand-alone detection tool,” said Skelton, “Our clients are able to simply detect pathogens on-site and on-time, and can also bundle one or more RAPID Readers with advanced UVC disinfection technology to detect, alert, and destroy airborne pathogens before an outbreak occurs. The ultimate goal is to help reduce pathogen transmission and infection to improve patient outcomes.”

The NuWave team of world-class scientists and engineers are based in Dublin, Ireland, where the future of connected sensor technology, cloud-based data management and analytics was created. NuWave smart air quality sensors continuously monitor airborne contaminants in industrial, commercial, and domestic environments where the rapid diagnosis of contamination events are crucial. Clients include healthcare facilities, manufacturing, food processing and preparation, and clean room environments.

Disinfection Services LLC is the exclusive North American distributor for NuWave Sensors, the manufacturer of RAPID Reader.  Disinfection Services provides turn-key installation of advanced UVC equipment manufactured by sister-company Evergreen UV; continuing a 53-year history of manufacturing and installing UVC germicidal UVC fixtures for the control of airborne pathogens that can cause respiratory infection.  Clients include hospitals and healthcare, schools and universities, government and office buildings, and food preparation and processing facilities.

SOURCE Disinfection Services LLC