Cleveland HeartLab to bring its cardiovascular testing to China

March 30, 2016 – CLEVELAND.  Cleveland HeartLab Inc. (CHL), the premier cardiovascular disease management company, today announced a pioneering new partnership with SK Telecom (NYSE: SKM, KSE: 017670), one of the largest information and communications technology companies in Asia, to bring CHL’s innovative inflammation tests for identification and prevention of heart disease to the growing number of patients who are at risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in China.  One in five adults in China, approximately 230 million people, have risk for CVD.

This new partnership builds on SK Telecom’s commitment to entering the Chinese Healthcare market following the opening of SK Telecom Healthcare R&D Center and VISTA-SK Medical Center in Shenzhen.  With growing needs for quality healthcare services in China, SK Telecom selected China as a key target market for its healthcare business and plans to expand its presence in other major cities across the country.

“Partnering with SK Telecom, a world renowned company that is investing heavily in healthcare in China, is an ideal opportunity for CHL that will provide quicker and broader access to CHL’s unique and valuable testing to a large patient population in need of better risk identification,” said Jake Orville, CEO of  Cleveland HeartLab.

As the premier provider of inflammation testing within North America, bringing its novel and valuable test menu and product pipeline to large international markets in need of better identification of CVD is a key strategic priority.  Last year, CHL received the international quality standard, ISO 13485 designation and achievement of CE marking for its Universal MPO test.  Both are important staples of CHL’s commitment to delivering high quality testing to international markets. These benchmarks dramatically increased access for patients around the globe to CHL’s valuable inflammation testing.

CHL’s testing has been recognized in hundreds of peer-reviewed publications as a key measure of vascular health and inflammation.  A peer-reviewed study in Journal of Economics demonstrated the economic impact of CHL’s testing by adverting 10 percent of heart attacks and strokes, which can save approximately $190 million per 1 million people in a typical U.S. population.

“CHL’s unique tests will be greatly valued by medical professionals as people are increasingly concerned with disease prevention. SK Telecom’s expertise and experience in China combined with CHL’s tests will lead to rapid market penetration by offering Chinese people a reliable tool to assess their risk for CVD and proactively address their condition,” said Yook Tae-sun, EVP and head of New Business Division at SK Telecom.

In China today, about 230 million people—20 percent of all adults—now have cardiovascular disease1. As of 2010, 154.8 per 100,000 deaths per year are estimated to be associated with CVD in the urban areas of China. That number is even larger, 163.1/100,000 deaths, in rural areas.

This CVD epidemic in China is projected to worsen.  Annual CVD events are predicted to increase by 50 percent between 2010 and 2030 based on population aging and growth. While fewer Chinese are smoking, diabetes is rapidly rising. Projected trends in blood pressure, total cholesterol, diabetes and active smoking are projected to increase annual CVD events by an additional 23 percent to 7.7 million CVD deaths by 2030.

SOURCE Cleveland HeartLab Inc.