Veritas Genetics launches whole genome testing at $999

March 7, 2016 – BOSTON. Veritas Genetics, co-founded by Harvard Medical School professor and genetics pioneer Dr. George Church, introduced Veritas myGenome, the world’s first whole genome for less than $1,000, including interpretation and genetic counseling. Veritas Genetics first broke the $1,000 genome barrier in 2015 when it made whole genome sequencing available to nearly 5,000 participants in the Personal Genome Project (PGP) at Harvard Medical School.

Veritas Genetics is building a platform that will make it easy for its customers and their healthcare providers to use genetic information throughout their lives, including: 

A secure digital report and app to easily refer to and interact with results. Access to their genome for additional interpretation as health needs evolve and science advances. On-demand additional genetic counseling via video conferencing. Lifestyle-relevant genetic information that can be shared with non-clinical service providers such as fitness coaches and nutritionists. Access to physicians at Massachusetts General Hospital, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston Children’s Hospital, Mayo Clinic, and others for clinical opinions and clinical follow-up care through Veritas Genetics’ partnership with WorldCare International and WorldCare Consortium®. Integration of other “omics” data sets on a single platform.

Veritas myGenome is breaking historic ground by making whole genome sequencing and interpretation broadly accessible. Most commercially available genetic tests offer access to only small portions of the genome through gene panels (i.e., testing specific sets of genes), genotyping (i.e., testing less than 0.1% of DNA positions scattered throughout the genome) or exome sequencing (i.e., sequencing only gene coding regions which cover less than 1.5% of the genome). Research also shows that without sequencing the whole genome, these other genetic testing approaches miss 90% or more of clinically relevant variants, which lie in parts of the genome outside of the gene coding regions.1

“Now that the whole genome is this accessible, it will replace all genetic tests … because it is all genetic tests, and much, much more,” points out Dr. Church.

“The whole genome is the new standard. At this price point, there is no reason to use anything but the whole genome, especially for any tests that are close to or more than the price of our whole genome,” adds Mirza Cifric, CEO and co-founder. “The whole genome is the foundation of precision medicine and a lifetime resource to maximize quality of life and longevity.”

The Veritas team’s experience sequencing whole genomes extends over 10 years as part of the Personal Genome Project (PGP) at Harvard Medical School. In addition to Dr. Church, Veritas Genetics’ Chief Scientific Officer Preston Estep is also Director for Genome Sequencing at the PGP. Dr. Joseph Thakuria, the company’s Chief Medical Officer, has also served as Medical Director at the PGP.

Veritas myGenome is performed in a CLIA laboratory, includes genetic counseling for clinically relevant conditions and requires a physician order. It is currently available for pre-orders in the U.S. through the company’s website. Additional countries will be added in the coming months.

Source: Veritas Genetics