Biodesix presents results for a blood-based cancer immunotherapy diagnostic

March 4, 2016 – SAN FRANCISCO. At the Molecular Med Tri-Conference last week, Biodesix CTO Dr. Heinrich Roder, presented the Biodesix approach and recent results for a blood test stratifying patients for immunotherapy benefit.

By modifying ideas from the field of deep learning, the presentation showed that Biodesix® can design clinically useful tests from multivariate data that have a high likelihood of validating in independent clinical sets, overcoming the “false test discovery” problem. Dr. Roder’s presentation reviewed how the combination of high dimensional protein data and deep learning techniques can be used to design blood-based, clinically-actionable, multivariate tests that are making key inroads in precision medicine.

While many patients obtain some level of benefit from immunotherapies, there is a subset of patients who do particularly well on anti-PD1 agents and achieve long-term survival. A diagnostic blood test to stratify patients based on potential benefit addresses a critical unmet need. Dr. Roder will present recent results of a serum-based test for patients with metastatic melanoma to identify those likely to achieve long-term benefit from anti-PD1 immunotherapy.

Source: Biodesix