Circulogene finds international growth in cell-free DNA liquid biopsy testing

March 2, 2016 – BIRMINGHAM. Circulogene Theranostics, the only biotechnology company able to enrich circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) from a single blood drop for patient-specific monitoring of cancer, has received the first international orders for its liquid biopsy testing products from Turkey, Hungary and Israel. The news comes less than three months after the company formally launched its cfDNA tumor detection and monitoring products, which enable fast, accurate and personalized testing of 10 tumor types, including breast, lung and colon cancer.

“Our single-blood-drop value proposition has gained significant international attention,” said Circulogene Chief Commercial Officer James Straza. “In addition to growing demand here in the U.S., other countries and governmental organizations see tremendous value in blood-drop-volume samples that deliver maximum output from minimum input.”

Non-invasive liquid biopsies represent a major advance over traditional surgical tumor biopsies, which are costly, time consuming and only sample a small portion of tumor tissue, leading to a high failure rate. However, even current industry-standard liquid biopsy methods require large sample amounts, and DNA loss from the extraction process can miss critical tumor information, which can significantly change a patient’s treatment and prognosis.

“We’re particularly interested in Circulogene’s proprietary DNA enrichment capabilities, because it results in near-full recovery of cfDNA from finger-stick volumes of blood,” said Ati Goknur, COO of GGT Global Genetik, which is distributing in Turkey. “The small-volume blood samples are easily shipped, and we’re able to gain a wealth of DNA information, giving our medical experts in Istanbul, as well as the rest of Turkey, the most accurate testing and personalized cancer management capabilities available in the market today.”

The company’s proprietary method can collect more than 100 times more cfDNA with just 1/10 of the blood (as little as 20 microliters) compared to the current industry standard for non-invasive liquid biopsy testing. Circulogene’s liquid biopsy testing is capable of detecting nearly 3000 cancer mutations on 50 well-established cancer-associated genes for its 10 cancer profiles.

Once cancer has been diagnosed in a patient, Circulogene’s laboratory can report testing results back to physicians in a matter of days to aid them in selecting the right therapy at the right time for each patient’s unique situation.

Source: Circulogene Theranostics