Singulex grabs $50 million investment from Grifols

May 31, 2016 – ALAMEDA. Singulex, Inc., the leader in next generation immunodiagnostic technology powered by single molecule counting, announced today a partnership with Grifols, one of the world’s largest plasma product manufacturers and a pioneer in the research and development of therapeutic alternatives designed to contribute to scientific development. Grifols has subscribed a share capital increase and holds a 20% stake in Singulex. The partnership provides Singulex US$50 million in exchange for Grifols’ access to an exclusive worldwide license for the use and sale of Singulex’ SMC technology for the screening of donor blood and plasma. Grifols’ investment marks a major advancement in further ensuring the safety of blood and plasma products.

“Singulex is pleased that Grifols has made this significant investment in Singulex and our SMC technology platform,” said Guido Baechler, president and chief executive officer, Singulex. “Our technology already has the power to provide definitive answers for physicians and patients for improved health outcomes and is backed by extensive peer-reviewed publication and industry adoption. This new partnership will help us shape and develop the future of blood screening technology and make major advancements in the safety of next generation blood products.”

Single molecule counting technology, developed by Singulex for clinical diagnostic and scientific discovery, has the power to identify biomarkers of diseases that were previously undetectable. Applying this technology to blood screenings will allow for greater diagnostic sensitivity, accuracy and efficiency to ensure the safe capture and processing of blood and plasma products.

“As one of the world’s leaders in the manufacturing of plasma products to treat a variety of rare, chronic and life-threatening conditions, safety and screening of donated human blood and plasma is critical for Grifols,” said Carsten Schroeder, President of the Grifols Diagnostic Division. “Singulex’ SMC technology and leadership in next generation immunodiagnostics presents Grifols with the diagnostic sensitivity, accuracy and reliability to develop more advanced blood screening platforms.”

Singulex has developed the Sgx Clarity™ System, a fully-automated in vitro diagnostics system that will soon bring the proven SMC technology to hospital and reference laboratories worldwide. Singulex also provides clinical laboratory testing services which enhance early detection of cardiac and vascular disorders.

SOURCE Singulex, Inc.