iCarbonX raises $155 million at $1 billion valuation

April 22, 2016 – SHENZHEN. iCarbonX has finished “A” round financing recently, raising over $100million, with an approximate $1billion post-money valuation.

Major investors of A round financing include Internet industry giant——Tencent, leader of stem cell industry——Zhongyuan Union, and Tianfu Group, which owns a strong capital strength, etc.In addition to the strong capital support for the future development of iCarbonX, the strategic investment can also set a solid foundation of strategic cooperation among life health industry, internet industry and many other related industries.

After finishing A round financing, iCarbonX will devote itself to four professional fields——precise beauty treatment,nutrition, health and medical treatment. Based on the extensive collection, accumulation and integration of data, iCarbonX will finally build an ecosystem of big data in the field of life health, where consumers could get customized and precise directions in the field of precise beauty treatment, nutrition, health, medical treatment,etc.

iCarbonX has already made accurate framework in order to reach goals mentioned above,including 5 platforms:1. Data collecting and technical platform, aiming to produce and collect the data of people’s whole lifecycle;2. Data analysis platform of artificial intelligence;3. Intelligent hardware, focused on collecting data and serving as extension interface of products and service;4. Database and  sample library, aiming at storing data and samples;5. Providing customized service of O2O to every customer.

iCarbonX is committed to building a customer-centric platform of life big data and artificial intelligent engine, based on mobile internet and internet of things, integrating related leading resources around the globe, so as to provide all-round, personalized life health management programs and related applications to every end users,and to improve significantly the products and service depths of related industry.

Source: iCarbonX