MedGenome expands US base with Lifecode acquisition

February 26, 2016 – FOSTER CITY. MedGenome acquires the assets of Lifecode Health and its 13,000 sq ft lab in Foster City, CA to expland its genomic services to biotech and pharma companies in the US.

MedGenome, the market leader for genomic diagnostics inĀ South Asia and a leading provider of genomics research services globally, has acquired the assets and a fully-certified CLIA/CAP NGS laboratory with 13,000 sq ft in Foster City, CA. MedGenome has also retained key employees of LifeCode.

MedGenome operates the largest privately owned NGS lab inĀ India and in the US its genomic research services are being used by pharma and biotech companies in areas such as cancer and immunotherapies, metabolic diseases, Parkinson’s disease, kidney, liver, and ophthalmological diseases, diabetes, deafness, and aging.

With the acquisition of a fully-certified NGS lab in the Bay area, the company plans to expand its genomic services and offerings to biotech and pharma companies enabling their precision medicine efforts in early discovery, research and clinical trials.

“We have been expanding in the U.S responding to the need for faster, cheaper and better genomic services and solutions,” said CEO Sam Santhosh, “The acquisition of this lab will allow us to grow our customer base even more aggressively in the US.”

Source: MedGenome