Seven Bridges raises $45 million in Series A round

February 16, 2016 – CAMBRIDGE. Seven Bridges, the biomedical data analysis company, today announced $45 million in Series A fundraising, led by Kryssen Capital, an international investment fund that focuses on data-driven ventures at the cutting edge of science. The investment will support ongoing innovation of the Seven Bridges Platform, a scalable, cloud-based suite of tools for biomedical data analysis that powers genomic research focused on cancer treatment and precision medicine.

“Genomic data projects are driving unprecedented progress in the area of precision medicine, including initiatives like the cancer moonshot, which President Obama highlighted in his final State of the Union address,” said James Sietstra, President of Seven Bridges. “Seven Bridges was founded to accelerate breakthroughs in genomics research, and this round of funding will help us continue to support users at the U.S. National Cancer Institute, the National Institutes of Health, Genomics England and our pharmaceutical partners who are part of the worldwide effort to understand and treat cancer.”

In addition to the funding round, Seven Bridges has added two new members to its board of advisors: Tom Daschle, former U.S. Senate Majority Leader and Founder and CEO of The Daschle Group; and Kai-Fu Lee, one of China’s most influential technology figures and founding president of Google China.

“Seven Bridges’ vision for accessing cancer data and radically accelerating the pace at which researchers around the world can learn from it is incredibly exciting,” said Dr. Lee, a cancer survivor. “It’s something the world needs, today.”

“The U.S. Precision Medicine Initiative is one of the most important projects we will undertake as a country in improving healthcare for the next generation,” said former Senator Daschle. “I’m excited about companies like Seven Bridges because it enables governments, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and patients to work together on projects like the cancer moonshot.”

“We welcome former Senator Daschle and Dr. Lee to the Seven Bridges board of advisors and look forward to their insights,” said Dr. Deniz Kural, CEO of Seven Bridges. “The extension of our advisory board and this round of funding will help us work even faster to advance the state of the art in biomedical data analysis and precision medicine.”

Recently, Seven Bridges announced the availability of the Seven Bridges Platform on Google Cloud, making it the first to be deployable in multi- and hybrid-cloud environments. As the enabling technology for multi- and hybrid-clouds, the Seven Bridges Platform makes it easy for researchers to choose the best computing infrastructure for the job and run reproducible analyses to verify results. The Seven Bridges Platform may also be run on Amazon Web Services or other public and private clouds.

Source: Seven Bridges