About US


Anthony Barnes

A leading biotech executive. Founder & CEO, Oncimmune, SVP at Myriad-RBM. Executive positions at Ciba-Chiron, Lifescan, Abbott Laboratories and Booz-Allen.

Kenneth Ashworth

Expert in clinical trial design and information management. Founder & CEO, East West Biopharma, CEO, Green Media Group Ltd and SVP at J. Walter Thompson.

Jeffrey Allard

A diagnostics industry leader of 25 years. Formerly CSO at Fujirebio Diagnostics, Director of Development at Caris Life Science and key leadership positions at Bayer Diagnostics.

Don Beamish

Senior marketing and sales leader with 25 years experience in diagnostics and pharma. Formerly marketing director at AstraZeneca and Rules-Based Medicine.

Joon Kim

Leading expert in biosensors. Formerly CTO and a co-founder of Dow Kokam America Inc. Also former Staff Research Associate at Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory.

Alexander Kotlar

Full stack developer with experience in java, MySQL/PHP application development. PhD candidate at Emory University in Genetics and Molecular Biology.

Steven Mayer

Over 20 years in diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries. Key executive positions at Abbott Laboratories from 1982-2002. Formerly advisor to HBM Partners (Cayman) Ltd.

Vladimir Vapnik

Dr Vapnik’s achievements are known and used throughout the world of Big Data. He is a professor at Columbia University, and special advisor to Facebook.

Jim Wilcox

Broad experience in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology intellectual property. Formerly general counsel for Immunicon Corp, and head of patent strategy at Abbott Diagnostics.

Stanislas Zarubin

Expert in app/web development, security/identity systems, and medical databases. PhD in applied mathematics and computer science.