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cGAS inflammation may be an early cancer signal

Fresh insights into how cells detect damage to their DNA - a hallmark of cancer - could help explain how the body keeps disease in check. In a study published this week in Nature, Scientists have discovered ....

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AI Summit 2017 - Xavier Health

Be a part of something bigger in Healthcare. No matter what your level of knowledge of health and Artificial Intelligence, this summit is for you. Join FDA and Healthcare industry experts in quality, regulatory, and supply chain to learn about current and future solutions to industry problems – solved by AI.


Application of liquid biopsy in precision medicine: opportunities and challenges.

Precision medicine for cancer patients aims to adopt the most suitable treatment options during diagnosis and treatment of individuals. Detecting circulating tumor cell (CTC) or circulating tumor DNA ....

Decision Algorithms

Companion and Complementary Diagnostics: Clinical and Regulatory Perspectives.

Nearly 20 years ago, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first companion diagnostic assay and, today, this type of test governs the use of 18 different drugs. With the appearance of ....

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Merck to be granted patent for CRISPR technology

DARMSTADT. Merck, a leading science and technology company, today announced the European Patent Office (EPO) has issued a “Notice of Intention to Grant” for Merck’s patent applicatio ....


Enzyme-free, signal-amplified nucleic acid circuits for biosensing and bioimaging analysis.

Enzyme-free, signal-amplified nucleic acid circuits utilize programmed assembly reactions between nucleic acid substrates to transduce a chemical input into an amplified detection signal. These circui ....


The Current State of Peptide Drug Discovery: Back to the Future?

Over the last decade, peptide drug discovery has experienced a revival of interest and scientific momentum, as the pharmaceutical industry has come to appreciate the role that peptide therapeutics can ....

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Daiichi Sankyo Initiates Phase 1/2 Study of Novel Antibody Drug Conjugate U3-1402 in Patients with HER3-Positive Metastatic or Unresectable Breast Cancer

TOKYO. Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited announced today the initiation of a three-part open-label phase 1/2 study in Japan with U3-1402, a novel HER3-targeting antibody drug conjugate, in patients with ....

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Blood Markers For Diagnosing Epithelium Derived Cancers And Monoclonal Antibodies Thereof

The present invention provides uses of cytokeratins as markers for diagnosing epithelium derived cancers. The present invention provides cancer-related epitopes of cytokeratins and monoclonal antibodi ....

Patent Applications

Dna-decorated Graphene Chemical Sensors

The present invention provides a broad response single-stranded DNA-graphene chemical sensor device. The present invention also provides methods for improving the ability of graphene to work as a chem ....


The impact of machine learning techniques in the study of bipolar disorder

Machine learning techniques provide new methods to predict diagnosis and clinical outcomes at an individual level. We aim to review the existing literature on the use of machine learning techniques in ....

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Sensors and Wearables

Sensor monitors body temperature in real time

WASHINGTON DC. Wireless, wearable sensors are all the rage with millions of people now sporting fitness trackers on their wrists. These devices can count footsteps, monitor heart rate and other vital ....

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Measuring Cell Free DNA During the Course of Treatment for Esophageal Cancer as a Marker of Response and Recurrence

To prospectively collect blood and tumor tissue from esophageal cancer patients to identify specific esophageal cancer mutations that can be measured in the blood (cell free DNA) during the cour ....