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Most cancer mutations are due to random DNA copying mistakes

Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center scientists report data from a new study providing evidence that random, unpredictable DNA copying “mistakes” account for nearly two-thirds of the mutations ....

Conference Spotlight

Health in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

As connected objects proliferate, health big data explodes, the progress in research accelerates and the principles of machine learning exponentially develop, we’ve clearly entered the era of 5P medicine. This conference, organized by Le Point on 26 April 2017 in Paris, will bring together all stakeholders in the AI ecosystem - insurers, big pharma, health professionals, CHUs, startups, patients - to discuss the impact of artificial intelligence on the health ecosystem and care pathway. Click here for more information and get a 50% discount on your conference registration.


A Precision Medicine Initiative for Alzheimer’s disease: the road ahead to biomarker-guided integrative disease modeling.

After intense scientific exploration and more than a decade of failed trials, Alzheimer’s disease (AD) remains a fatal global epidemic. A traditional research and drug development paradigm conti ....

Decision Algorithms

A model-based personalized cancer screening strategy for detecting early-stage tumors using blood-borne biomarkers.

An effective cancer blood biomarker screening strategy must distinguish aggressive from non-aggressive tumors at an early, intervenable time. However, for blood-based strategies to be useful, the qual ....

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TapImmune announces study of HER2-targeted vaccine for early breast cancer

JACKSONVILLE. TapImmune, Inc., a clinical-stage immuno-oncology company specializing in the development of innovative peptide and gene-based immunotherapeutics for the treatment of cancer and metastat ....


Machine learning will transform radiology significantly within the next five years.

With impressive progress in machine learning, there has been increasingly more interest in its relevance to medical physics, which involves both medical imaging and radiation treatment planning. Howev ....


Clinical and Technical Aspects of Genomic Diagnostics for Precision Oncology.

The emergence of precision medicine has been predicated on significant recent advances in diagnostic technology, particularly the advent of next-generation sequencing (NGS). Although the chemical tech ....

Pipeline News

Daiichi Sankyo Initiates Phase 1/2 Study of Novel Antibody Drug Conjugate U3-1402 in Patients with HER3-Positive Metastatic or Unresectable Breast Cancer

TOKYO. Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited announced today the initiation of a three-part open-label phase 1/2 study in Japan with U3-1402, a novel HER3-targeting antibody drug conjugate, in patients with ....

Issued Patents

Blood Markers For Diagnosing Epithelium Derived Cancers And Monoclonal Antibodies Thereof

The present invention provides uses of cytokeratins as markers for diagnosing epithelium derived cancers. The present invention provides cancer-related epitopes of cytokeratins and monoclonal antibodi ....

Patent Applications

Dna-decorated Graphene Chemical Sensors

The present invention provides a broad response single-stranded DNA-graphene chemical sensor device. The present invention also provides methods for improving the ability of graphene to work as a chem ....


Cost and mortality impact of an algorithm-driven sepsis prediction system.

To compute the financial and mortality impact of InSight, an algorithm-driven biomarker, which forecasts the onset of sepsis with minimal use of electronic health record data. We compare InSight with ....

Funding News
Sensors and Wearables

Wearable biosensors may provide early indication of illness

BETHESDA. Researchers supported by the National Institutes of Health have revealed the ability of wearable biosensors, similar to the Apple Watch or Fitbit, to detect physiological changes that may in ....

Recruiting Trials

Inflammatory Response in Myocardial Infarction Evaluated by MRI and Biomarkers

An intense inflammatory reaction is triggered by the ischemic injury during myocardial infarction. The inflammatory processes involved are complex and haven’t been explored in detail in hu ....